Episode 6: The One With The Bathroom Talk

November 19, 2017

Joe returns to join Ryan on the show and brings Begyle with him once again. We’re drinking Begyle’s Freebird. We talk the end of Mike & Mike, Ric Flair, 30 for 30’s, Mike Myers & Adam Sandler, Post-Season Chicago Cubs towels, Bottoming Out, Peyton Manning as a Ram, and the NFL’s Golden QB era has come to an end. For the Last Call, the guys talk Chicago breweries, public restrooms at the workplace, celebrity sexual harassment and 2017 just being nuts.


Episode 5: The One With The Baseball Cards

June 25, 2017

Jon joins Ryan as we open a 1990 Fleer box of baseball cards that include 32 packs. Virtual Waiting Rooms, Wrigley Field Experience, Rickey Henderson, Billy Ripken, Dwight Gooden, Jimmy Butler, GarPax, Rebuild, Sequels, Amateur Wrestling, Chief Wahoo, Boating Accidents, 1990 Rap Battle, and Richard Jewel. For The Last Call we discuss The Nasty Boys, Gordon Shumway, and Bobby Bonilla Day.

We're drinking Old Style and beers from Anchor Brewing: Go West! IPA and Liberty Ale.

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Episode 4: The One After Batman Died

June 20, 2017

Facebook Friends, IPA's, Coffee Ale, Amarone, TV Friends. Jesse Tschopp joins the show to talk Batman Returns 25 years later. McDonald's Marketing, Action Figures, Penguin Being A Sex Predator, Gotham Is Sunless, Bruce Is Semi-Hard, Batman Kills With No Care, Chip Shreck Is Eric Trump, Plotholes, Walken, Michelle Pfeiffer Nails It. For the Last Call, the guys have a drink reminiscing about Adam West and the 60's Batman TV show.

We're drinking Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point and Shiner Birthday Beer Cold-Brew Coffee Ale.


Episode 3: Sports Talk Reunion

April 21, 2017

Larry Dyer from the Chicago Bears Review podcast joins Ryan on the show to talk Root Beers, Real Player Audio, the early history of podcasts, and Jay Cutler. We then discussed the upcoming NFL Draft, past draft memories, the Bears drafting nobodies and the Colts getting it right. We finish talking about Western vs Eastern Illinois 2002 playoff game, Tony Romo, upcoming summer movies, clowns, and we finish with a Fast Break segment of hard hitting questions.

We're drinking IBC Root Beer and 483 Pale Ale from Great River Brewery.


Episode 2: Concert Snobs

April 13, 2017

Matt joins Ryan to talk IPA's, Sours and Weiss beers. Concerts: Radiohead, U2, Regrets, Firsts, John Popper. Ageless wonders, Grilling, Easter Bunny, Near Death Experience, Class Rings, More Masters Talk and Golf Horror stories. Ryan ponders a TV subscription change.

We're drinking Des Moines IPA from Confluence Brewing Company, Ebel's Weiss from Two Brothers and Tell-Tale Tart from Boulevard Brewing Co.


Episode 1: First Sip

April 8, 2017

This is our first go at our free form podcast about nothing - just Friends Over Beers. Jesse and Joe join Ryan on the show. Mike Greenberg, clipping your nails at work, Masters talk, sports fixings, Australian coins, hospitality tents, getting hit by a golf ball, competing against math, championship draws and synchronized urination. First show got a little sports heavy, but its gonna happen from time to time. We're drinking Hophazardly out of a growler from Begyle Brewing Company. Hophazardly is a citrus-bomb of an IPA featuring large doses of Citra and Simcoe hops. It is not called "Hoppamania" though we think that should be the name of a beer.